Bliss Bakery & Indigo Vibes Apothecary

Bliss Bakery & Indigo Vibes Apothecary

Yes you read that title correctly!  Bliss Bakery owner Krista Koets and I are teaming up to bring you incredible baked goods and drinks.  We hit it off at a Not So Shabby Marketplace event in 2021 and have grown in friendship ever since.  Tea and baked goods just go together! 

Bliss Bakery

Bliss Bakery is a unique bakery in that is serves those who are gluten free, sugar free, those following a keto or paleo diet with their favorite sweet treats and bread products.  Having allergies or diet restrictions can be hard to navigate in todays food culture but places like Bliss offer an opportunity to enjoy the sweets we once were able to. 

In June of 2022 I was diagnosed with allergies that removed nearly all bread products from my diet.  Bagels, sandwiches, scones, muffins and more were no longer a food option for me.  This makes grabbing something on the go or making food at home a challenge.  Knowing that I can stop at Bliss Bakery for something and with confidence know that I won't have stomach issues afterwards has been a huge blessing!  Only trouble was they were in Hamilton, MI about 30 minutes away, but not anymore!  

Krista shared with my in January this year that she had taken a bid leap to lease a place on River Ave in Holland, MI.  I was over the moon excited about this because it meant my favorite sweets or breads would soon be close by and easily accessible.  

At this time Krista was already carrying my tea in her bakery in Hamilton.  We got talking one day on her ideas for the new location.  It soon became clear that together we could take her drink menu to another level to match the excellence of her baked goods.  

Bliss Bakery


What you can expect to find 

We have FOUR exciting drink menus for you to try! Yes FOUR! 

Coffee...because we know you caffeine addicts need your espresso daily.  It's cool we got you. 

Tea, my personal fave.  Yet we have found the most delicious teas from fruity to your traditional varieties.  

Smoothies! Who doesn't love a good smoothie?  This smoothie bar will offer you the creativity to build your own smoothie to your liking or dietary needs.  

Mocktails! Not a drinker? Just like a good beverage but don't always want alcohol in it?  We have you covered! We have worked on a fun mocktail menu of the traditional alcoholic beverages and a few of our own fun ideas.  So stop in with a friend for "drinks" and a snack.  



So come get your Bliss on July 4, 2023 for our soft opening at 102 River Ave, Holland, MI.  Try our all our goodies and even shop our retail space section.  Take a drink to go or relax and enjoy a drink in our dinning area.   

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