Essential Items For Your Home Apothecary

Essential Items For Your Home Apothecary

Making herbal products is a popular practice now, but you may be wondering how to get started and what you will need.  Have no fear, Indigo Vibes Apothecary is here.  

In this blog you will find a list of items and their recommended uses, but as always I encourage you to find your personal creativity with any herbal project.  Now there are always more items to add to your home apothecary depending on how many products or size of batches you are making, but this list will get you started.  


Jars and Bottles

Jars just scream apothecary am I right?  I like to recycle jars that previously held sauces, jelly, pickles, ect, that I have bought versus buying brand new jars.  Saves on costs as well as the environment. Win, win.  Mason jars are absolutely great as well because the lids tend to seal tightly to prevent spills.  You will also want bottles with spray or dropper caps for your finished products. I like cobalt blue or amber bottles.  


There is nothing more frustrating than looking at jars filled with remedies, but you can’t remember what is in them.  Simple handwritten labels work, scotch tape works or you can get fancy and print labels.  


Knowing weights and measurements is easier with a scale.  While some remedies are ok to be eye-balled others need exact measurements.  Invest in an easy digital scale.  


Spatulas, measuring spoons, funnels, glass measuring bowls with a spout, droppers, steepers, bowls and spoons dedicated to your herbal apothecary are great to have.  This way if you have beeswax stuck to a bowl or making skin products you won’t have to worry about cross contamination in your general cooking. 



Mortar and Pestle 

Excellent way to break up herbs and blend them together.  Plus is an apothecary even an apothecary one without it?

Beeswax, Butters and Oils 

Having a variety of the following on hand allows you to make a variety of products whenever you need. Beeswax, coca butter, shea butter, olive oil, almond oil and almond oil to name a few.  

Cheesecloth and strainers. 

Making infusions or salves you will need to strain the plant matter out of the oil.  Cheese both is great, but I will even use a strainer to do a first run and then refine it one time through the cloth.   

Double boiler pot  

This is a handy item for making infusions or salves.  Often recipes will say to put herbs and an oil in a jar to let infuse for 6-8 weeks. What if you don’t have this kind of time and need a salve for a gift asap?  A double boiler is a two part pot that allows for water in the bottom to boil creating heat and then a second pot sits within that for your herbs and oil.  You can make an oil infusion in about 45 minutes with this.     


Last but not least of all you will need herbs for your apothecary.  You can source herbs from a variety of places.  Our online shop has several available for you and there are many great suppliers out there as well.  I do recommend using organic when possible and cost effective.  You can also wildcraft your herbs by harvesting them from nature.  It is best to harvest herbs away from road ways to avoid toxins or chemicals.   

I hope you have enjoyed and are inspired by this list of items to start your herbal journey today.  Also checkout my article on Creating Your Own Herbal Medicine Book on for how to record recipes, uses for herbs and more.  Now pour a cup of tea and get started!

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