Herbal Ice Cubes

Herbal Ice Cubes


Herbal Ice Cube Recipes from Indigo Vibes Apothecary


Herbal Ice Cube will have your holiday guests sipping with delight! 

The holidays are here! It's time to turn up the fun with decorations, food, and most of all DRINKS! 

Herbal ice cubes are a simple easy way to to add a little something extra to your drinks.  Easy to make as well.  

First off what will you need. 

1. Ice cube trays.  You can use what you currently have or pick up ones in different shapes. I'll leave the up to your creativity.  

2. Herbs.  An obvious ingredient, but which ones?  I have experimented with sage, rosemary, thyme, lavender, and basil.  You can use fresh or if you have them as spices in your cupboard those will work too.  

3. Water.  Tap water or RO water, whatever your choice or personal preference is.  



Start with chopping the herbs into small bits.  Then fill the ice tray with the herbs of your choice and fill the trays as full as you would like.  The picture below is a little fuller than I would personally do but you get the idea.  


 Next fill the tray with water over the herbs.  Put in your freezer to freeze.  


Herbs for the best ice cubes. 

Personally I like doing thyme or mint cubes.  they add the perfect flavor and pop to almost anything.  Mint is excellent to add with my water for the day or to a bubbly glass of something.  Thyme is a great addition to any teas, or cocktails.  Lavender makes another great cube with its subtle floral flavor.  


Have fun with this and try any type of herb you may think will be delicious.  That is half the fun with herbs, you never know until you try them how you may like them.    





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