How to Make an Iced Matcha and Ashwagandha Latte at Home

How to Make an Iced Matcha and Ashwagandha Latte at Home

Iced Matcha and Ashwaganda Latte

Let's face it, it's expensive to do things these days.  You might be feeling the tug to make more things at home lately.  Maybe making your morning coffee, latte or tea at home is a way you are saving a few extra dollars this year.  

The good news is you don't have to sacrifice flavor and taste to make drinks at home.  Yes it will take you a few more minutes in the morning to get out the door, but it will be time well spent.  

I won't run on and on about things because I know you want to get to the ingredients and the how to of this, but I do want to cover what you are drinking. 

iced matcha latte


Matcha powder has been popular for some time now and you've probably heard of it.  Matcha is rich in antioxidants and is caffeinated.  It is made from finely grinding green tea leaves, giving it a concentrated effect on the benefits this tea holds for us.  Matcha is great for digestion as well.  


This may be a new herb for you.  Ashwagandha has been gaining popularity though for its benefits of stamina but being caffeine free.  This plant is native to India.  The roots are used to make this nutrient packed powder.  Benefits of this powder are still under review in a clinical setting but using this herb has been known to: 

  • increase athletic performance 
  • reduce stress 
  • reduce anxiety 
  • aid with fertility issues in men & women 
  • improve sleep 

There is much research to be done about this herb still and the potential for ashwagandha powder in our daily lives is great. 

 Together these are what you want to get you going in the morning. 

Let's get to what you've been waiting for! 

Below are your instructions for making an iced matcha latte at home.  You can also make it hot if you prefer.  I also suggest if you are a first time matcha drinker to add cinnamon or add something sweet to it like coconut milk.  I won't lie to you, matcha has an earthy, plant like taste to it due to its concentration of green tea.  

Try this recipe out and tag me on Instagram @indigovibesapothecary when you do.  Also on Instagram is a video of me making this drink for all the visual learners out there.  Remember to have fun and be creative.  


1/4 tsp Ashwagandha Powder 

1/2 tsp Matcha Powder 

1/4 tsp Cinnamon *optional 

8oz Milk of your choice 

2oz hot water 


Sweetener of choice


Shaker or Mason jar with lid 

Handheld frothing utensil *optional 

How to make: 

Start by adding 2 oz of hot water to a mason jar or mug.  Next add in all of your powders to the hot water.  Using the handheld frothing tool blend together until the powders are dissolved into the hot water.  This option is going to give you the best results for dissolving the powders quickly.  You can also add this all into a blender.  

The other option if you don't have the fancy tools is to use a mason jar or cocktail shaker.  For this description I am going to detail it with a mason jar; it will be the same for a shaker. 

Combine hot water and powders in the mason jar.  Put on the lid and shake until all powders have dissolved.  

Now add ice to a glass, sweetener of choice and add in your 8oz of milk.  Then top the milk with your powder blend.  Stir and enjoy.  

Not in the mood for an iced drink or it's the dead of winter?  Simply omit the ice.  You will warm or steam your milk and then add it to your hot water.   





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