The Easiest Ways To Make Loose Leaf Tea

The Easiest Ways To Make Loose Leaf Tea

K.I.S.S. - Keep it simple sister. 

Integrating newness into our lives can be hard and hard to maintain.  New workout routine, new nutrition plan, new supplements, you name the new if it isn’t easy for you to do, clean and repeat in a fast effective way your chances of continuing to integrate it to the point of habit drops dramatically.  

Time and time again people say, “It got too hard to use my loose leaf I bought from you, because I had to keep cleaning everything.”  or “How do I use this and make it like you made it?”  Their main struggle comes from stress about doing it right every time and using the right accessories every time.  

With so many ways to brew a cup of tea each time it is different and fun.  Below are multiple fun easy ways to keep it simple sister as you embark on a new journey into the world of tea. 

Use what you got. 

If you already have a coffee pot on hand, you’re in luck it makes tea too! Give the pot and basket a rinse to remove coffee ground residue.  Next insert a filter just as if you were making coffee.  Replace the coffee with 4 tablespoons of your favorite Indigo Vibes tea.   Fill with water and turn on.  Now you will have a warm pot of tea to enjoy throughout your morning or day.  

Bonus tip: Allow the pot to cool on the counter or in the refrigerator before pouring over ice to enjoy an iced tea.  Perfect for a hot day. 

Tea Pots and French Presses for the Win. 

Tea pots are honestly the easiest to clean along with a French Press and use again.  Wide openings that a hand can fit in to clean quickly means an easier and faster process to have a cup of tea.  Additionally, a French Press doubles as a coffee accessory and frankly the best way to brew coffee.  Here is a Youtube short of how to use a French Press

Electric Kettles 

The whistling of a tea kettle is timeless and nostalgic.  It also can take forever.  Getting an electric kettle was a GAME CHANGER!  Traveling and want to make great tea? Just bring your kettle and tea.  At home, fill and under 4 mins you will have hot water.  It just makes life easier.  Here are links to electric kettles that Indigo Vibes recommends. 

Speed-Boil Kettle 

Travel Portable Electric Kettle 

GoveeLife Smart Electric Kettle 

Disposable Tea Bags

Keep it simple sister with eco friendly tea bags.  Fill them, use them, then toss them.  This makes using awesome loose leaf tea easy and so close to how you may already be enjoying single use tea bags currently.  Why not just buy tea bags filled?  Tea prepackaged in tea bags is crushed, powdery bits that tend not to be packed with flavor like Indigo Vibes loose leaf tea.  Don’t sacrifice on flavor, life’s too short.  Check out these tea bags on Amazon, to get 100 of them. 

Set up your tea station 

Have a clean convenient place to set your kettle, tea bags, honey, Indigo Vibes tea and other tea accessories.  If you have to dig out everything you need each time you will be less likely to brew tea or you will be more likely to head to a cafe for your morning drink versus using what you have at home..  Invest in your success with a countertop tea or coffee organizer to store everything you need to brew the right cup every time. Designate spoons, cups, honey, or whatever you need to stay with your tea/coffee bar.  Keeping it all together ensures success at repeating cup after cup of yummy Indigo Vibes tea goodness. 

As title, K.I.S.S - Keep it simple sister.  Invest in the organization and make your tea accessible.  The abundance of wellness packed in every leaf can’t help you if it says in the pouch.  Enjoy and happy sipping tea people. 

Chelsea Fox 

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