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Uplifting Herbal Tea - 1.5oz Canister

Uplifting Herbal Tea - 1.5oz Canister

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Have you ever wished there was a morning drink that could give you a little bit of everything in it?   This uplifting herbal tea is that drink!  Let's break it down! 

Yerba Matte is our energy herb.  Origins in Brazil this green leafy shrub gives us roughly the same amount of caffeine as green tea.  With less bitterness than green tea, yerba matte is a great alternative. 

Dandelion leaf is next to provide us with upliftment by nurturing the kidney and liver's natural functions.  

Fennel supports the digestive system and red raspberry balances your mood.  

Gymnema is our ace herb.  If you haven't heard, this herb is raved for curbing sugar cravings by naturopathic doctors. 

Size: 1.5oz 

Packaging: Tin Canister with air-tight lid

Wooden spoon included. 

Ingredients: All organic.  Red raspberry, Gymnema, Fennel, Dandelion leaf, and yerba matte. 

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